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Unique Sand Casting - Railings and Gate

Maybrey Reliance is a unique Sand & Die cast foundry based in Kent, with the
facilitiesDie Casting Foundry London to mass produce and also manufacture bespoke sand castings on small and large scales. 
The recent production of iron gates installed by Jonathan Rowlandson is one such sand casting that used the foundry's numerous design and manufacturing departments to create a pattern based on existing window railings - as seen in the second photo below.

The SG Iron gate and railing sections were then cast at the foundry, before being welded together onsite at the property, painted and installed by Jonathan Rowlandson.

Maybrey Reliance has one of the most diverse sand foundries in the UK, producing high grade flake iron and more sophisticated specifications such as silicon and nickel irons, SG, steels, as well as aluminium and bronze.

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Images courtesy of Jonathan Rowlandson

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