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Gravity Die Casting

Maybrey has a very diverse customer base for its die-casting with the largest customer taking only 20% of our turnover. The industries we supply are also diverse and varied ranging from pump manufacturers, aerospace and defence to building products, commercial vehicle and railway braking systems.

About 30% of our die castings go to export, most to the EEC but also the USA and Far East.

The die foundry has the back up of its own in house tool room and die repair sections. Smaller dies are made in house with larger tools sub-contracted to a CNC equipped tool room we have dealt with for over thirty years. All our die blocks are cast in house in our iron sand foundry which speeds up delivery on new dies and enables us to keep a close check on material quality.

All new dies are designed in house and in most cases a casting drawing produced detailing draft tapers, corner rads, machining allowances as well as any advantageous modifications or concessions that could help both the customer and foundry.


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