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Sand Casting

Maybrey has one of the most diverse sand foundries in the UK, producing high grade flake iron and more sophisticated specifications such as silicon and nickel irons, SG, steels, as well as aluminium and bronze.

Our aluminium section produces castings for both commercial and aerospace industries.

We pump dried silica sand to all of our eight Omega sand mixers, covering both the iron and aluminium sections.

Our iron foundry has the capacity to produce complex sand castings up to one tonne in weight with up to 50% of our production going to the EU.

We have three spectrograph machines covering both our ferrous and non-ferrous requirements, with a well equipped inspection department looking after both our commercial and released contracts.

We supply many of our castings machined and have both conventional and CNC machine shop facilities, as well as in house wet and powder coat painting.


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