We Serve a Wide Range of Industries 


In the aerospace industry, Maybrey Foundry delivers precision-engineered gravity die and sand castings, ensuring reliability and exactitude for critical applications. 


Serving the defence sector, our castings meet the highest durability and performance standards, essential for the rigorous demands of military equipment. 


Our architectural castings combine structural strength with aesthetic appeal, enhancing the integrity and design of various architectural projects. 


In the automotive field, we provide robust and high-performance components, contributing to the safety and efficiency of vehicles. 


Catering to the marine industry, our castings are known for their durability and resistance to harsh marine environments, ensuring longevity and reliability. 


For the transport sector, we offer resilient and adaptable castings, playing a pivotal role in the maintenance and functionality of transport infrastructure. 


IOur artistic castings merge creativity with material strength, offering unique and bespoke solutions for artistic installations and sculptures. 


For pricing, literature, and other enquiries, please contact us. 
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