We use Spectromax and Spectrolab Spectrometers 


Maybrey Precision Castings utilizes two SPECTROMAX X spectrometers and a Spectrolab M5 to analyze various metals, including Aluminium, Irons and Steel, High Silicon Iron, Copper-based alloys, and Zinc alloys.  
The spectrometers are calibrated daily using certified reference materials (CRMs). 
To test the metals, a 'coin' is taken and analyzed three times - before and after pouring - to ensure that the metals are to the correct specification. The spectral analysis is accomplished by producing a spark that vaporizes the elements in the metal, dispersing them into their spectral components, and measuring their wavelengths to determine which element they are. 
With the spectral analysis, Maybrey Precision Castings can conduct precise routine analysis of all incoming materials and outgoing castings to ensure compliance with ISO and international standards. 


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