Maybrey Precision Castings and Reliance Foundry merged in 2002 to form Maybrey Reliance in Belvedere, London. Maybrey recently moved to a combined production centre in Aylesford in Kent. 
The best equipment from both die foundries was used to generate one of the best-equipped foundries in the UK. 
The company, taking its social responsibility seriously, actively supports various charities. We nominate St Christophers Hospice as our company charity. 
Maybrey Reliance is committed to a policy of treating all its employees equally. Taking our employees' social responsibility, care and welfare seriously, we believe recruiting and developing a diverse workforce is essential to our success. 


The industries we supply, like our foundry, are very diverse ranging from the refineries and utilities such as Thames Water to aerospace, defence, agriculture, building, conservation, signage and art and design based projects. 
Maybrey has a very diverse customer base for its castings, with the largest customer taking only about 20% of our turnover. 
Maybrey Reliance has, over recent years, extended it’s customer base to include exports to the United States, the EU, as well as a whole host of new UK companies. 


Our foundries are covered by both ISO9001:2015 and Aerospace Standard AS9100 Rev D.  
We have regular audits from our other customers who require their standards to be adhered to.  
We boast an excellent quality control department equipped with three spectrometers and equipment needed to supply both high-quality commercial and fully released castings. 
Click here to download a copy of our certification. 
As the Air Registration Board approved Maybrey in 1936, we are proud to boast the longest unbroken certification of any foundry in the UK. 

Environmental Impact 

In the summer of 2013, we invested significantly in a state-of-the-art secondary attrition sand reclamation plant supplied by Omega of Peterborough to follow through with our primary attrition system. 
This investment has massively reduced our carbon footprint, reducing our purchases of dried silica sand by 90%, as well as the landfill costs that are also entailed. 
We have cut our deliveries of silica sand, reduced our carbon footprint, taken lorries off the roads and moved towards a greener foundry industry. 
In 2023, we made a significant investment in our own solar panel farm. We can now generate our own power, reducing our requirement for non-renewable energy. 
All our melting is now done in resistance or induction furnaces, and the company has completely stopped burning fossil fuels. 
We have transitioned to energy-efficient machinery and lighting, minimising our energy consumption. 
We also recycle our office waste paper through a local business as packaging materials. 
This has massively improved the working environment for our foundry men and has cut pollution. 
As a result of these changes, we have reduced our carbon emissions by 24% and have achieved Future Net Zero’s Silver Carbon Award. 
Maybrey Reliance is part of the Caro Group of companies. 


For pricing, literature, and other enquiries, please contact us. 
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