Maybrey's Carbon Reduction Programme: A comprehensive review of our commitment to environmental impact reduction, sustainable energy and waste reduction practices, and the journey towards carbon neutrality, highlighting the wider industry response and the importance of sustainable practices. 

Our Commitment to Environmental Impact Reduction at our UK Foundry in Kent 

Three years ago, Maybrey's Parent Company, The Caro Group, decided to reduce their environmental impact significantly. This decision stemmed from their commitment to sustainability and their concern for the environment for future generations. They recognised that their products, Decking Supports and Spacers for paving, inherently contributed to the carbon footprint.  
In relation, processes at our Maybrey Foundry in Kent also created opportunities for conservation and carbon reduction in our casting and machining processes. 
This prompted them to initiate a comprehensive carbon reduction programme. 
Part of this programme involved refurbishing their buildings with steel roofs and walls and insulation to lower heat production. Additionally, they replaced all lighting fixtures with LEDs, a more energy-efficient option. A paramount step was the elimination of all fossil fuels from their melting and production processes, making their operations more sustainable. 

Sustainable Energy and Waste Reduction Practices 

Maybrey implemented measures to reduce power consumption in their machinery, resulting in a 27% reduction with the use of low-powered compressors and CNC machines. They also focused on waste elimination in all their processes and worked closely with their suppliers to reduce packaging, thus lowering their overall waste footprint. 
Additionally, the heat treatment oven was converted to solely electric power, thereby removing the last gas-powered product in their processes. The company also introduced a shared driving scheme, which effectively reduced commuting miles and consequently, the carbon emissions associated with employee transportation. 
In an effort to further reduce reliance on fossil fuels and decrease power costs, solar power was integrated into the roofs of all our factories. This not only significantly cut down their power costs, but also contributed to a more sustainable, low-carbon energy solution. 
As part of Our carbon reduction programme, Caro Group is working towards achieving Gold Status on Carbon Neutral for Scope 1 and 2. Attaining this status signifies a significant reduction in direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, demonstrating the company's commitment to a carbon-positive future. 

The Wider Impact and Industry Response 

The carbon reduction initiatives undertaken by Maybrey reflect a broader commitment to sustainability in the UK.  
For instance, the Climate Action Plan 2023, launched by the Minister for Transport, the Environment, Climate and Communications Eamon Ryan, sets out a pathway towards achieving a 51% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030. The plan also outlines the need for the transport sector to reduce its emissions by 50% by 2030, aiming for a fully decarbonised sector by 2050. 
Moreover, CORSIA's initiative offers a harmonised way to reduce emissions from international aviation, further highlighting the industry's efforts towards a sustainable future. Additionally, the NHS plans to decarbonise its operations and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, showcasing a significant commitment to sustainability in the healthcare sector. 

Emphasising the Importance of Sustainable Practices 

Throughout their carbon reduction journey, Maybrey has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to sustainability, implementing a range of initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. From refurbishing their buildings for energy efficiency to eliminating waste in their processes, the company has set a commendable example for the industry. 
Such efforts are of paramount importance in the face of global climate change, and the broader industry response has been encouraging. With CORSIA's global market-based measure to reduce emissions from international aviation and the NHS's aim to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2045, it is clear that substantial steps are being taken towards a more sustainable future. 
We encourage readers to explore more about the Caro Group's commitment to sustainability on their website. By sharing their journey, the company hopes to inspire others in the industry to take action and contribute to a more sustainable, carbon-neutral future. 

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