By the time the 1861 census took place, both Hatcham Lodge and Georgina Terrace had been in use for three years. 
The page I have shows the inhabitants of Hatcham Lodge and Nos. 75-8 Georgina Terrace. They are hand wrtitten and sometimes difficult to decipher. 
74 Kender Street "Hatcham Lodge" . George England is head of the family, Married, 49 years old, Engineer and Proprieter of Factory, born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Numrthumberland. 
Sarah England is his wife, 49 years old, born in Lowestoft, Suffolk. 
They have three unmarried children; Mary, 19, Eliza Ann, 17, and George 16. He is listed as "Scholar" though in fact he had been apprenticed to his father's firm since at least 1858. All children born in Hatcham, Surrey 
There are three servants, all unmarried; Emma King, Cook (Domestic), 35, born in Stroud, Gloucestershire. 
Sarah Hubford, Housemaid, 24, born in Bermondsey, London, and John Blewsell (?) Man Servant, 24, place of birth illegible. 
Though England is supposd to have built the houses in Georgina Terrace for the benefit of his workers, they do not always seem to be occupied by men employed by him. 
75 Kender Street; 1 Georgina Terrace is occupied by George Andrews, a market gardener, his wife and five children, one, a boy of 12, being a Telegraph Messenger. 
76 Kender Street; 1 Georgina Terrace is occupied by Charles Moore, a coppersmith, originally from Wakefield, Yorkshire, his wife and two children. The son John is 17 and an apprentice coppersmith, the daughter, Elizabeth Ann, also 17, an apprentice dress maker (?) 
77 Kender Street; 2 Georgina Terrace is the home of George Osborn, a boot maker, his wife and son 
78 Kender Street ? is occupied by Joseph Pugett and his wife Jane, 66 and 73 respectively. He is listed as "Labourer in Engine Factory" 
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